3″ – 8″ Rip Rap Rock


Also known as Shot Rock, Rubble or Rock Armour, Rip Rap is blasted, shattered rock typically used to stop erosion on shorelines, stream beds etc. due to wave action, ice, concentrated run-off and more. It may also be utilized for slope stabilization or landscape projects.

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Rip rap is an aggregate that will perform in the harshest outdoor conditions. It withholds channel flow, slope stability and erosion, which protects your property and public safety. Because of rip rap’s large size, it will not compact. The rip rap at Union Quarries includes mined limestone, a rock that stands up to the severe tasks rip rap must do.

Rip rap also serves as structural support for sloped areas that need protection from both erosion and water. Erosion protection is crucial because it can prevent damage to infrastructure and make the area safe for vehicles and pedestrian traffic. Rip rap minimizes the erosiveness of waves on the shoreline or water on the outer bank of a river bend, and it protects bridge structures near waterways.

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